Fluorescent ballast

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Fluorescent ballast - Description:
Ballast for FL light
110V 18W 50/60Hz
Products characteristic
1.The shell adopts good quality steel plate tensioned, lampshade adopts injection of PC, and
has the seal structure.
2.In order to prevent electric shock, lamp internal and external terminals equipped whit tag.
3.Plug-in type lamp holder, equipped wiring terminal inside, convenient  to connect
4.The lamp equipped B15d lamp holder, used for 24V/15W emergency bulb, the edge of Lamps-hade marks the marking, remark clearly that need the emergency device when order
5 Equipped compensating capacitate inside the light, also has the good effect of start.
Adopt standard
Conform to IEC60092-306-2009 standard FOR STEEL SHIPS.
Production authentication
The product approved by the CCS (China Classification Society)

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