Giab Ltd. is a Private company situated in Varna  / the biggest port in the country / , established in 1991 and is one of the first companies in Bulgaria
       for General Supply to vessels visiting all ports in Bulgaria and Romania.
       The company is in possession of all licenses and permissions to operate in shipping supplies, as well as import and export of goods in Bulgaria and abroad.
       We have a license for Ship Supply in Romania .
       Since 2007 Giab Ltd is a major representative for Bulgaria and Romania of "HAIXING MARITIME ELECTRIC GROUP Co."
       and offer a wide variety of Marine Electrical Equipment such as :

      * Signal Navigation Lights - Single-deck and Double-deck ;
      * Incandescent Pendant Lights ;
      * Work Lights ;
      * Wall Lights ;
      * Cabin lights ;
      * Cargo Lights ;
      * Fluorescent Lights with cover and wire mesh ;
      * Marine Connectors - Switches , Sockets , Junction Boxes - Nylon , Brass and Aluminum material ;
      * Sound Signals ;
      * Wide variety of bulbs  - Tubular navigation bulb , Vibration service bulb , Screw base , Bayonet base , Reflector type , HPS type , Halogen type etc.

  With a team of professionals and engineers , we are able to assist  to your vessel for any need of supply with Fresh Provisions , Deck and Engine stores , Nautical Publications as well as Fire and Safety service
  Lifeboat and Life-raft service , Spare parts , Repair service .
  We offer high-quality service at reasonable prices and favorable terms of payment.